New Era Bad Boys

The infamous starting five that won the '04 championship vs the Lakers.

The Detroit Pistons should have at least seven championships. How? Well that’s another story but let’s focus on the three they do have. The Detroit Pistons have conquered the basketball world with one important ideal: Be Bad Boys. In every regard, they must get back to that. They have to scour the league and find every disgruntled- yet talented- player and create a special team the only way Detroit can.

When the Pistons look at their roster, they’ll notice they don’t have “Detroit” guys. The Pistons don’t have bad guys. Guys that enforce the Bad Boys mantra. The Pistons have nice guys. They have Andre Drummond. They have Tobias Harris, Jon Leuer. In essence, a bunch of guys that make you say, “Who?”, when you hear their names. For instance, when Reggie Jackson signed a five-year contract for the same money as John Wall, John Wall took an exception. And rightfully so, Reggie Jackson is a “Who?”. Detroit has been trying to win with too many “Who?” players. Luckily, for them, the CBA has increased and Jackson and Wall are making the same amount of money <insert bad guy smirk>. John Wall To The Pistons! John Wall is disgruntled in Washington. It’s been well documented that he does not enjoy playing with Bradley Beal. John Wall is an actual point guard, a ball-dominate point guard. He would fit in well with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Most importantly, we’ve seen the fights and scuffles John Wall engages in, Detroit will embrace that, and bring the Morris brother, too.

Now, to search for another disgruntled player to help Detroit return to Bad Boy status. Like John Wall, he’s also a “one and done” player. Like John Wall, he played at Kentucky. Enter Demarcus Cousins. Demarcus Cousins To The Pistons. Trust, if the media out west doesn’t enjoy their outspoken big man, Detroit will take him and win a ‘ship (alas Rasheed Wallace). Demarcus Cousins would be treated like a real King in Detroit. There’d be no better sight than Demarcus in buffed-out Cartier’s to match the rings he’d win in Detroit. With the Wildcat reunion in Detroit, the Pistons would be nearing the tier of the Cleveland Cavaliers. They would enter that class once everyone embraced the Bad Boy mantra, and when Stanley Johnson of the Pistons matured into an all-star player.  

Here’s the trade on ESPN’s trade machine:

Stan Van Gundy whether it takes two trades or one, draft picks or cash, make this trade happen, get John Wall and Demarcus Cousins, restore the Detroit Pistons rep, and play some Deeeeeeetroit Basketball!


~ Matt Baggs