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Top SG of All-time: D-Wade vs Kobe

Thunder takes the cake in NY and Indiana (.35s) Kanter All Star? (2:40) PG13 to OKC (4:00)  PG13 is a different player this year (7:30)  OKC One Piece Away From beating the Warriors (8:49) Boogie Cousins VS AD (9:38)  The Warriors Best in the League (11:03) OKC's Roberson Air-ball (13:33) Steven's Top Ten NBA Players (14:58)  Baggs Top 10 NBA Players (15:45) Kyrie is a top 5 PG (18:01)

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Front Office Disloyalty

Isaiah Thomas on Danny Ainge (Wheres The Loyalty) (.20s) Steven's Response (1:00)  Great trade for 2k not Real Life (4:25) Baggs Thoughts(6:20)  GREATEST FRANCHISE (8:48)  WHO WON THE TRADE (9:35) Kyrie LOOKS PRETTY GOOD (12:20)  The Process in Philly (13:20)   Does Philly Go Far in the Playoffs (18:55) 

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NBA Season Recap (P1)

Matt and Steven discuss the epic 2017 NBA Finals (1:30), LeBron's GOAT status (18:45), Kyrie or AI? (24:30), And we TOLD you James Harden Is Not A Point Guard! (28:40).

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The King's Suite or Sweep

Matt and Steven discuss Celebrities here for the finals (1:25)  Ice Cubes Big 3 basketball (3:58) Game Two Take. (5:55) Where is J.R. (9:22) Who takes the blame for the CAVs ? (13:18) Klay and J.R.s Slump(16:30) Kd and the Warriors defense (20:00)  Credit goes to Steve Kerr? (23:49) Steve Kerr's reTurnovers (26:11) Fan Questions (28:26) Who's the best Basketball player in the world(31:50) Best Duo ever? (35:00) Greatest team ever! (36:38)  Lebron leaves for the Texas (39:40) Game 3 prediction (41:22)

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Cavaliers Vs Warriors: A Must-See Trilogy

Matt and Steven Discuss, Flint Michigan Update (1:26)  Lebron & Kyrie vs Shaq & Kobe (3:46) KD NOT A CLOSER? (8:36) Stern LA interview (11:11) The Trilogy! (14:03) Best Rivalry of all time? (16:36) Finals Prediction (21:38) KD buying the Warriors style puts Klay on the bench?(23:40) Super Stars Legacy's on the Line (26:55) Top 10 Basketball IQ of All Time (43:48) 

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The Difference A Ghost Makes

Matt and Steven discuss BBB Lavar Ball (1:59) The NBA Lottery  (7:29) Warriors Popping, despite no Kerr (15:09) Lebronโ€™s Best Postseason Start (21:07) JORDAN THE GOAT? (25:57) Harden the Ghost (29:56) Eastern Conference/ECF (37:27) No Ray in Area 21  (47:08) Western Conference/WCF (49:40) Jordan Moments (58:47)

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Postseason Time

Matt and Steven discuss the recap of the NBA regular season (0:50), Award recaps (8:30), Eastern Conference First Round (27:50), Western Conference First Round (33:45), Finals Prediction (40:10), Jordan Moments (41:30). 

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Kawhi Could be the GOAT ๐Ÿ‘€

Matt and Steven Discuss Nike dropping athletic Hajib for muslim athletes (1:11),  Kawhi for MVP? (4:44) Kawhi The GOAT? (8:41) Rockets Vs The  Spurs (11:17)  All talk no defense (14:22) KD can't wait to be king? (18:23) Fan Questions Tmac or Vinsanity HOF (25:02) Battle For LA  (27:14)  Fan Question! Utah and OKC 4th seed (32:25) LeBron James vs Westbrook (34:34) JORDAN MOMENTS (39:10)

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NY Knicks Turmoil

Matt and Steven discuss (Exclusive Segment with Xavier Jackson) the state of the NY Knicks(0:45), Grammys (8:55), KD Returns to OKC (13:05), Thunder win over Cavs (19:30), Fan Question (Lloyd Hughes) (26:25), All-Star Game Predictions (34:55), Miami Heat Streak (39:40), Jordan Moments (42:45).

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EJ Carter Interview

Matt Baggs and Steven Robinson Interview artist EJ Carter (0:40), then discuss the Super Bowl Champs New England Patriots V San Antonio Spurs (13:45), Isaiah Thomas's Clutch Scoring (18:25), Wizard's ECF chances (22:05), Fan Question (26:20), Durant's Lack of Aggressiveness (29:05), EJ Carter's Single "Can I Juug" (34:10), Jordan Moments (35:00).

NBA All-Star Voting Results

Matt and Steven discuss Chrisette Michele performing at the Presidential Inauguration (0:50), New Era Bad Boys (5:10), West All-Star Results (11:10), Should the NBA adjust the voting process again (24:00), East All-Star Results (25:40), No Stars in Hollywood (30:05), Superbowl Picks (33:15), Fan Question (35:00), Jordan Moments (37:05).

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